Which Cruise Lines Allow Smoking?

Even though some passengers try to slip outside for a cigarette while they’re on a cruise, it’s dangerous to do so, and other passengers who are upset by your behavior are likely to report you. However, as of right now, there are still five cruise companies that permit smoking on passenger balconies. These lines are Costa Cruises, Hapag-Lloyd, TUI, and Fred.

A Quick Look at the Smoking Policies of Cruise Ships

Cruise Line Dedicated smoking areas on deck? Smoking on stateroom balconies
Carnival Cruise Line Yes No
Celebrity Cruises Yes No
Cunard Line Yes No
Holland America Line Yes No

Are You allowed to smoke on Carnival Cruise ships?

Certain spots on various outer decks, as well as certain portions of the casinos when a person is gambling, are considered to be acceptable places to smoke aboard Carnival Cruise Line ships, however these areas change from ship to ship.Inside the cabins and suites, especially on the balconies of the rooms, smoking is not allowed at any time.Onboard ships operated by Celebrity Cruises, smoking is only permitted in certain specified outside places.

Can you smoke on a Costa cruise ship balcony?

The No Smoking Policy of Costa Cruises Because Costa Cruises has a more permissive policy about smoking, passengers are permitted to light up on their own balconies.It is against the rules to smoke inside of the rooms, although there are designated smoking spots located all across the ship.When I went on my first Costa cruise in 2018, I was taken aback by the ship’s extensive collection of designated smoking spaces.

Can you smoke on cruise ships with Fred Olsen?

Olsen Cruise Lines. (Passengers of Fred. Olsen are also allowed to smoke vaporless electronic cigarettes inside of their cabins.) Both Carnival Cruise Line and Princess Cruises do not allow smoking on the balconies of guest cabins; however, smoking is permitted in some areas of the nightclubs and casinos on board their ships.

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Are there any cruise ships you can smoke on?

On board every cruise ship, smoking is permitted in specific locations, which are normally denoted as outside smoking zones and may also be permitted in casinos, nightclubs, cigar lounges, and cabin balconies in some cases (depending on the cruise line).However, the remainder of the ship is completely smoke-free, and this policy applies to all of the cabins, restaurants, and theaters on board.

Are there any cruise lines that allow smoking on balconies?

Concerns have also been raised over the possibility that irresponsible smokers may damage the ocean by discarding the spent ends of their cigarettes overboard. Due of these factors, smoking is not permitted on the balconies of most cruise ships. Only passengers aboard Costa Cruises’ staterooms and suites are permitted to light up on their own balconies.

Can you smoke in your room on a cruise?

It is against the rules to light up in any of the establishments that serve food, including the theater, bar, lounge, hallways, and elevators. It is against the rules to smoke inside any cabin or on any balcony inside a stateroom. This is true across the board for all kinds of staterooms.

Does Carnival cruise allow smoking?

Inside buildings, smoking is not allowed at any time. Outdoors, smoking is allowed in specific spots on Deck 3 (the starboard side of the ship, in the middle), as well as Deck 10. (starboard side, midship and aft). Note: Smoking is prohibited in outdoor areas on the day of embarkation and debarkation since the ship will be refueling at that time.

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Can you smoke on Bahamas Paradise cruise?

The areas designated for smoking are located outside on the starboard side of the ship. Because the casino is also part of a lounge and because you have to go through it to get from one end of the ship to the other, it is incredibly wonderful not to have to deal with the stink that comes with every other casino that is found on cruise ships.

Can you smoke on a Princess cruise ship?

On board our ships, smoking is only permitted in certain locations specifically designated for smoking on deck as well as in certain bars. In most public places, including restaurants, bistros/cafés, lounges, and theaters, smoking is not permitted. In addition, we ask that guests refrain from smoking within the cabin as well as on the balcony that is attached to the cabin.

Can you smoke on Virgin Cruises?

Around the entirety of the ship are designated smoking places. If a Guest is found smoking anything, including ″vapes,″ in their room (including their balcony) or in other non-designated areas onboard, they will be required to pay a $500 fee that will be added to their onboard account, and they may also be disembarked from the Voyage, which may take place at a port of call.

Can you smoke on NCL ships?

On all of our ships, with the exception of the cigar lounges and the casinos, we have made the decision to make all interior public places smoke-free in order to protect the health and well-being of our passengers as well as our staff members. There are designated spots outside for anyone who want to smoke.

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Can you smoke on a Carnival cruise balcony?

Smoking tobacco is permitted in some settings, including as the outer decks of its ships, casinos, and nightclubs, among other public establishments. It is not allowed in any of the cabins, even the balconies located outdoors. You can get a list of all of the smoking areas on each ship here, provided by Carnival.

Is smoking allowed on Holland America cruises?

The Holland America Line (HA Line) All of the cabins, the showrooms, and the majority of the other indoor places have been designated as smoke-free zones.On the verandas of any staterooms, smoking of any type shall not be permitted under any circumstances.Electronic cigarettes are not allowed in cabins or any other public areas of the ship, with the exception of spaces that are specifically designated for smoking.

Does Royal Caribbean sell cigarettes?

There is a possibility that cigarettes can be purchased at the Gift Shops found onboard. These purchases are exempt from duty and may not be brought onboard for consumption.

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