When Does Key West Cruise Ship Ban Take Effect?

The modifications to Key West will take effect immediately; however, this will not be of any consequence for the time being since all cruises departing from the United States will be canceled until at least January 2021.

Is Key West’s cruise ship ban coming to an end?

It appears that Key West’s restriction on cruise ships is no longer in effect.The clause that would prevent municipal referendums from having an effect on trade at Florida ports was included in the FL CS/CS/CS/SB 1194 (2021) Transportation Bill, which was just signed into law by the Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis.In November 2020, residents of Key West will vote on whether or not to allow a cap on the number of cruise ships that visit the island.

Are cruise ships coming to Key West in 2020?

In November 2020, residents of Key West will vote on whether or not to allow a cap on the number of cruise ships that visit the island. The three proposals would, in effect, prevent huge cruise ships, such as the whole fleet of Royal Caribbean vessels, from docking in Key West.

What are the new laws of Key West?

It has now been confirmed by Mayor Teri Johnston that the revisions to the City Charter that were passed by the voters have been sent to City Clerk Cheryl Smith for filing.The following is the final count for the three new legislation that have been passed in Key West: Keeping the number of people getting off cruise ships to no more than 1,500 each day.Cruise ships having a passenger capacity of 1,300 or more people or more are not allowed.

Will Key West’s referendum limit cruise ship size?

(3:55 p.m. EDT) — During the next election in November, the city of Key West will vote on a referendum that involves reducing the size of cruise ships that call in the port. This is a move that has the potential to permanently change numerous itineraries that go around the Caribbean.

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Are cruise ships still allowed in Key West?

Key West will continue to receive visits from cruise ships of varying sizes, but these ships will continue to dock only at the privately managed Pier B. The two city-controlled piers can only accommodate vessels of a lesser size, and only in the event that Pier B is empty.

Is Carnival still going to Key West?

Carnival Cruise Line has informed passengers that future sailings in January and February 2022 would no longer visit Key West, and the company has made related adjustments to the itineraries for three ships. Due to the fact that Carnival Cruise Line is unable to make calls in Key West at this time, the cruise line has alerted customers of a modification to their forthcoming schedule.

Why can’t cruise ships stop in Key West?

Key West voters approved local referendums in November 2020 to drastically reduce the number of ships — and the number of people aboard — that can dock in Key West. As a result of these votes, the majority of cruise ships are no longer welcome in Key West, as decided by 62 percent of the city’s voters.

Are cruises being Cancelled?

Regrettably, cancellations of cruises are still occurring in 2022 as a direct result of Covid-19 and the uncertainty that surrounds it. The epidemic has not been contained, and a number of voyages have been called off because there were too many instances of Covid-19 on board. The encouraging news is that we are not experiencing the widespread cancellations that we did in 2020.

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When did cruise ships start coming into Key West?

In 1969, the Sunward, which was operated by Norwegian Caribbean Line, became the first cruise ship to call the Port of Key West home on a consistent basis. Once a month, the ship made its way down to Key West.

Are cruise ships back open?

The cruise company is currently anticipating that it will resume sailings in the North American region on June 27, 2020. Update 1: The cruise line has just made a fresh announcement, which we have described in further detail here. In August, eight cruise ships will begin operating again, while the other ships in the fleet won’t begin cruising again until September of 2020.

Is the Port of Key West Open?

The final Florida port to welcome cruise ships was Key West; Port Everglades was the first port in the state to do so, opening its doors in June 2021.

Is Grand Turk owned by Carnival?

It’s the Return of the Grand Turk! Carnival Corporation is responsible for both the financing and operation of the Grand Turk Cruise Center (GTCC).

Is Carnival docking at Key West?

21 have all disconnected their calls to Key West at this time. According to a website that covers the cruise industry, Carnival Cruise Line has rearranged its cruise ship itineraries despite maintaining its policy of not landing at Key West.

Why are they protesting cruise ships in Key West?

On February 5, 2022, Key West saw a gathering of protesters at Pier B in anticipation of the arrival of the cruise ship Celebrity Constellation. The protest was organized by the organization Safer Cleaner Ships, and their argument was that the ship is too huge to come to Key West and does damage to the environment.

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Are cruise ships sailing from Florida?

Are there already cruises departing from Florida? Yes. To this point, four cruise ships have resumed their journeys to the Caribbean from ports in Florida. These are the Carnival Horizon and Freedom of the Seas from PortMiami, as well as the Celebrity Edge and Celebrity Equinox from Port Everglades.

Where is the Carnival Dream right now?

According to the information provided by AIS 0 minutes ago, the current position of CARNIVAL DREAM is in the Caribbean Sea with the coordinates 20.47942 North and 86.97793 West.

Are cruises being Cancelled May 2022?

Crystal Cruises announced in a statement that the luxury cruise line will suspend all ocean trips through at least April 29 and all river sailings through at least the end of May. This will have an effect on the company’s Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony ships, which are currently sailing in the Caribbean, as well as the Crystal Endeavor, which is currently sailing in Antarctica.

What cruises have been Cancelled recently?

  1. Azamara is the current cruise line and cruise ship that is sailing with the COVID-19 code
  2. Cancellations will take place between September 2021 and May 2022.
  3. Cancellations for Carnival Cruises range from now through June 2021 in most cases.
  4. Cancellations for Celebrity Cruises are accepted until June 30, 2021.
  5. Cancellations made by Costa Cruises from June 6th to December 26th, 2021 (sent through email)

Are cruise ships running now?

There is still a significant gap between cruise ship capacity and actual passenger numbers. Occupancy during the COVID period implies that nearly all cruise lines are willingly running at capacities that are lower than full capacity, with some cruise lines still operating at capacities that are lower than 50 percent.

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