One Piece Treasure Cruise How To Get Gems?

Rainbow Gems are obtainable in One Piece Treasure Cruise through a variety of means. If you are just starting out in the game, it is advised that you go through the story missions and finish all of the Chopper-Man objectives. The player receives five gems for finishing the clearing of a tale island, and fifty gems for completing all of Chopper-assignments. Man’s

How do you get Rainbow gems in One Piece treasure cruise?

The following are the two methods that I am aware of for acquiring Rainbow Gems in One Piece Treasure Cruise: If you play the tapping minigame that’s available on the download screen, you can get 5 free gems.Keep in mind that you may earn a maximum of 5 gems, so pressing the screen after reaching 500 won’t win you an additional gem.There are several chapters that provide an additional gem as a first-clear bonus.

How do you get rainbow gems?

You may acquire one Rainbow Gem by Limit Breaking a 5 unit five times and then Limit Breaking the unit again with the same unit.This will reward you a total of five Limit Breaks.When you utilize ‘Unit Limit Break Stones (Unit LB Stone),’ you need to be very careful to ensure that you do not achieve this goal.The weapons that you may acquire are quite powerful, but you will need at least 25 Rainbow Gems to do so.

What are the best units in one piece Treasure Cruise?

One Piece Treasure Cruise S Tier List (2022)

One Piece Treasure Cruise Characters Type
Monkey D. Luffy, Gear 4 – Snakeman STR
Luffy & Law, Miracle-Making Generation DEX, QCK
Monkey D Luffy, The Great Snake Surpassing the Future STR
Monkey D. Luffy, Overcoming the Strongest with his Friends PSY
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How can I get gems fast?

The following is a list of many methods that you may get gems in the game:

  1. You may accumulate Gems by achieving certain goals
  2. You may unearth long-lost treasures by removing rocks and trees in your hamlet.
  3. Unlock the treasure chest of gems that suddenly emerges in your community
  4. Keep a look out for any ongoing events that can grant you gems as a prize
  5. Fix the damage done to the Gem Mine in the Builder Base

How much are Roblox gems?

The following prices, expressed in US dollars, are applicable for purchasing gems: 750 gems: $4.99. 1,600 gems: $9.99. 3,400 gems: $19.99.

How do you cheat the rainbow gem in Sims 3?

Even though they are hard to get, I have been able to purchase rainbow gems there.You may use the cheat ‘testingcheatsenabled true’ by holding shift, control, and C at the same time to bring up the cheat box at the top of the screen.Replace any existing quote marks with the words themselves.In addition, you may bring up a list of cheats for the game by putting the word ″help″ into the field designated for cheats.

Who is the strongest character in One Piece Treasure Cruise?

In light of this, the following is a ranking of the most powerful legends that can be found in One Piece Treasure Cruise.

  1. 1 Ace VS Akainu
  2. 2 Barbary Coast Fire Tank Pirates
  3. 3 Big Mom against Kaido.
  4. 4 Sanji and Pudding are effective in both the sub and lead roles
  5. 5 Luffy and Sanji are the most legendary characters in the game
  6. 6 Gol D.
  7. Can Get Around Obstacles and Other Annoying Refusals Thanks to 7 Sugar
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What is the best Luffy in Treasure Cruise?

S Tier – OPTC Tier List
Monkey D. Luffy, Overcoming the Strongest with his Friends PSY Fighter, Powerhouse
Monkey D Luffy, The Great Snake Surpassing the Future STR Fighter, Free Spirit
Luffy & Law, Miracle-Making Generation DEX/QCK Fighter, Slasher
Douglas Bullet, The Monster that Lost Its Purpose STR Fighter, Driven

How do I get rare Sugo?

This category contains playable characters that may be recruited in the Tavern using the red Rare Recruit button only when the Sugo-Fest event is active. Sugo Rare characters are always dropped in their unevolved 5 Star forms, and they may be recognized by the poster with a fiery red and gold color scheme, as shown above.

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