How To Sneak Liquor On A Carnival Cruise?

There are five different methods that one can bring alcohol onboard a cruise.There are a few tactics that have been noticed that appear to work at times, despite the fact that we do not ever attempt to smuggle in alcoholic beverages.Purchasing plastic bottles with a capacity of 3 ounces and storing them in your carry-on luggage.

Acquiring alcoholic beverages onboard the ship on one voyage and storing them for use on other voyages.

How to sneak alcohol on a cruise?

In today’s world, anybody can get their hands on whatever information they require. Because of this, if you search Google for ″how to smuggle alcohol onboard a cruise,″ you’ll find a ton of sites that will explain you how to do it. The most typical methods involve making use of bottles designed for other products, such as those designed for shampoo, mouthwash, water, or even sunscreen.

Is it illegal to bring a sealed bottle of alcohol on cruises?

The text makes it very evident that the various cruise lines adhere to a variety of regulations.In essence, it is not against the law to bring an unopened bottle of alcoholic beverage aboard a so-called ″family cruise.″ Michael, It is unclear to me why you saw it necessary to emphasize the family cruise as if we were still living in the Prohibition era, when the use of alcoholic beverages was illegal.

How do cruise ships check wine bottles?

Your luggage will be put through an x-ray scanner aboard cruise ships, and if any of the contents of that scan raises suspicion, your bag will be opened and thoroughly searched by hand.They will open the bottles to examine the contents, which means that the strategy of utilizing an old bottle of mouthwash to store spirits is not foolproof.How do cruise ships ensure that wine bottles are not tampered with?

How much does an alcohol flask cost on a cruise?

The flasks may be purchased for as little as $8 for a single medium kit all the way up to around $30 for an ultimate cruise kit. If you do the math, you’ll realize that it’s still a significant discount in comparison to what you’ll have to pay to purchase alcohol on board the cruise. (Like I mentioned, cruise rates can get wild!)

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