How To Contact Someone On A Cruise Ship In An Emergency?

In the event of a genuine emergency, family members are encouraged to get in touch with our call center at 1-800-227-6482 between the hours of 7:00 am and 12:00 am Eastern Standard Time.

How do I contact the cruise ship?

  • The best way for your friends and relatives to get in touch with the ship is to dial (888) 724-7447.
  • Or, if they are calling from outside the United States, they can dial (321) 953-9003.
  • The rate per minute is $7.95 US Dollars, and payment may be made using either their MasterCard® or Visa® card.

Additional long distance fees will be need to be paid if you are calling from outside the United States.

What to do if you have a medical emergency on a cruise?

  • In the event that you have a medical emergency while on your trip, the following information is essential for you to know.
  • Keep in mind that having travel insurance is very necessary for cruise trips; thus, you should shop around for different policies and purchase one before you set sail.
  • Find travel insurance for your next cruise.

Try not to freak out.To begin, please report to the medical facility aboard the ship.

Should you call your doctor on a cruise ship?

  • You wouldn’t think twice about calling your physician if you were in the comfort of your own home.
  • However, you are now aboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean, which is located quite a distance from the nearest land.
  • You are probably wondering what you should do at this point, as well as what the following step is if something major has gone wrong.

In the event that you have a medical emergency while on your trip, the following information is essential for you to know.

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Can I rejoin my cruise if I’m sick overseas?

  • Alternately, the captain can decide to steer the ship in a different direction in order to get to port more quickly.
  • Even if the ship won’t wait for you, it is conceivable that you will be allowed to continue with your vacation after you have received medical attention on land.
  • Be aware that if you do not have travel insurance that includes coverage for emergency medical treatment, you may be required to pay for your medical care in a foreign hospital out of your own money.

How can I get in touch with someone on a cruise?

If you are seeking to get in touch with a passenger who is currently on the ship, you can dial the number of their cabin and, if desired, leave a voicemail. There is no charge for guests to make calls to their staterooms using the phones located throughout the ship. In order for the visitor to be able to answer the call and/or check the voicemail, they will need to be present in the room.

Can you send a message to someone on a cruise ship?

  • It is possible to send and receive text messages at sea on a cellular connection as long as you have a signal through your ship’s roaming network.
  • This allows you to communicate with other people aboard your ship.
  • (You’ll need to go into your settings to make sure that data roaming is turned on.) Texting is often priced in accordance with regular ″pay as you go″ tariffs applicable to international communications and costs far less than making a voice call.

Can you call people on cruises?

You will be able to make calls to landlines using the phone that is provided in your cabin on the vast majority of cruise ships (as well as ship-based phone numbers). Calls made to landlines or mobile phones off the ship might cost as much as $8 per minute, depending on the cruise operator.

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Can you text or call on a cruise ship?

  • Because there are no cell towers out at sea, cruise ships that need ship-to-shore or mobile phone service must contract with an at-sea provider such as Cellular At Sea or Wireless Maritime Services.
  • These companies offer these services.
  • You will be able to connect to the network of the marine provider while you are on a cruise, allowing you to send and receive text messages as well as make and receive phone calls.

Can you text on a cruise for free?

  • You have the option of connecting to the ship’s Wi-Fi network or its cellular connection in order to send a text message over the Internet for free while you are sailing on a cruise ship.
  • This allows you to text while you are at sea.
  • The majority of today’s ships are constructed with ″Wireless Maritime Services″ or ″Cellular at Sea″ services so that individuals who are on board may get mobile phone signals.

How do you iMessage on a cruise ship?

You can use an app for texting if you connect to the ship’s wifi. You won’t be able to use it to send traditional SMS text messages if you have a wifi connection, but you will be able to use it to send texts using WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or any of the other messaging services that are available.

How do you contact someone on a Carnival cruise emergency?

Dial 1-800-CARNIVAL to speak with a representative via phone. Our corporate offices may be found at the following address: 3655 NW 87th Avenue. Miami, FL.

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Can you use a cell phone on a cruise ship?

  • Are cruise ships compatible with mobile phone service?
  • It’s a popular query with a wide range of possible responses.
  • On any ship, passengers are allowed to use their own cellphone data or connect to our complimentary Wi-Fi if they want.

However, we would like to make you aware that if you use your cellular data while on board the ship or at specific ports of call, you will be charged by your cellular data provider.

Can you FaceTime on a cruise ship?

IMessage and FaceTime would be accessible without cost if the cruise ship offered free internet and wifi to passengers. These services are always provided free of charge by Apple; the only time you will be required to pay is if the internet connection you are utilizing requires a fee.

How much does it cost to text on a cruise ship?

You may choose the data, message, and calling plan for cruise ships that is most suitable for your requirements because wireless providers offer plans for cruise ships that are comparable to those offered on land. Data subscriptions may be purchased for around $25 for 100MB, while individual text messages can cost up to 50 cents each.

Can you get phone signal at sea?

Is it possible to receive a cell signal while you’re at sea? In a nutshell: yes. However, it could be lacking in strength and erratic. This was a fascinating test of our coverage solution, as it demonstrates how inconsistent mobile service can be throughout our coastline.

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