How Much Do Disney Cruise Employees Make?

  1. The majority of salaries within the Disney Cruise jobs category currently range between $26,500 (25th percentile) and $52,500 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) making $109,500 annually across the United States.
  2. While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $138,000 and as low as $17,000, the majority of salaries within this category currently range between $26,500 (25th percentile) and $52,500 (75th percentile).

How much do Disney cruise vacation vacation jobs pay per hour?

  1. The hourly compensation for Cruise Vacation Agents at Disney Cruise Vacations ranges from around $24 per hour to $24 per hour on average.
  2. This is the average hourly pay for Cruise Vacation Agents at Disney Cruise Vacations.
  3. Employees at Disney Cruise Vacations give an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars to the entire salary and benefits package.
  4. Are those who work with Disney Cruise Vacations pleased with the amount of money they receive?

What is the average salary of a cruise ship worker?

  1. Because there are so many different professions available aboard a cruise ship, it is impossible to give an accurate estimate of how much money an employee may anticipate to make.
  2. For instance, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the annual mean wage for all captains, mates, and pilots of water boats is $87,420; however, the annual mean wage for various occupations within that category might vary.

How much do Disney employees get paid in the US?

What is the fee that is required of The Walt Disney Company in the United States? The Walt Disney Company pays its employees an average wage that ranges from around $29,203 per year for the position of Stocker to $189,582 per year for the position of Principal Software Engineer.

What is it like to work on a Disney Cruise?

Working on a Disney cruise may sound like a lot of work, but many current and former cast members say that working on a Disney cruise was one of the most rewarding experiences of their careers. Continue reading to discover 15 things that have truly been stated by Disney cruise personnel regarding working on the water.

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How much do you make working on a Disney cruise?

Compensation for Disney Cruise Vacations Positions

Job Title Salary
Cruise Vacation Agent salaries – 16 salaries reported $33,653/yr
Youth Activities Counselor salaries – 11 salaries reported $23,839/yr
Youth Activities Counselor salaries – 6 salaries reported $25,893/yr
Entertainment Host salaries – 5 salaries reported $30,523/yr

How much do Disney cruise captains make?

Average The annual salary for a captain at The Walt Disney Company in the United States is around $34,351, which is approximately 49 percent less than the average salary throughout the country.

Do you get paid a lot to work on a cruise ship?

The average monthly salaries of the 35 current and former cruise-ship employees who talked with Business Insider were around $3,233, while the median monthly earnings were approximately $2,600.

How much do cruise workers make?

It is possible to make an annual salary of between $16,000 and $20,000 working as a member of the cruise ship crew for Carnival, Royal Caribbean, or Norwegian Cruise Line. The yearly wage for senior employees onboard cruise ships may range anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000, with the average salary falling somewhere in the middle.

Which cruise line pays the best?

  1. Celebrity Cruises is ranked number one among the cruise lines that offer the best value for the money.
  2. The second spot on our list of the best cruise lines for the money goes to Holland America Line.
  3. Royal Caribbean International is ranked third among the best cruise lines in terms of value for the money.
  4. #4. Norwegian Cruise Line.
  5. #5. Carnival Cruise Line.
  6. #6. Princess Cruises.
  7. #7. Costa Cruises.
  8. #8. MSC Cruises
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Do cruise ship employees get free food?

When working on a ship, crew men do, in fact, receive free meals and a place to sleep in exchange for their service (more on that later). The staff members, much like the visitors, have their own restaurant that serves meals in a buffet manner, so they may eat whenever they choose throughout the day.

Is working on a cruise ship worth it?

  1. The life of a cruise ship staff member may be quite demanding, with long hours, no days off for months at a time, tons of regulations, demanding visitors, cramped living spaces, and very little to no privacy at all.
  2. But working aboard ships also gives you the opportunity to see destinations that most people can only imagine, all while putting you in touch with fascinating people from other countries and cultures.

Are cruise ship captains rich?

An annual pay of $130,000 is considered to be the norm for cruise ship captains. This may range anywhere from $52,000 to $190,000, and it is determined by the amount of experience the captain has as well as the cruise line for which they work.

How much do waiters on a cruise ship make?

The tips are included in the total salary for an assistant waiter position, which can vary anywhere from $900 to as much as $2,200 per month; experienced dining room waiters can make as much as $3,200 per month. The assistant maitre d’ might make upwards of $4,000 per year, and tips are typically included in their compensation.

Do cruise ship employees get their own room?

Members of the crew and staff often share a room with one another, however on occasion they have three roommates. The rooms have minimal decor and provide the residents with a bed, a desk, a closet, some shelves, and a bathroom that is on the smaller side.

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Do cruise ship workers pay taxes?

As required by both federal and state law, an amount of income tax will be withheld from the wages of any citizen of the United States who is employed by a cruise line that is located in the United States, such as Norwegian Cruise Lines or Carnival Cruise Lines.

How many hours do cruise ship employees work?

The specifics of your daily work schedule while onboard will be determined by the role you have, but in general, you can anticipate working anywhere from ten to thirteen hours each day and seven days a week.

Do cruise workers get their tips?

According to Guilford, the majority of cruise companies now divide the gratuity costs among a variety of employees, including those, such as laundry staff, who were not previously eligible to earn gratuities.

What qualifications do I need to work on a cruise ship?

  1. To be eligible for employment aboard a cruise ship, you need to fulfill the following minimum requirements: Have reached the age of 18 or 21 at the very latest
  2. Comply with the standards for language fluency
  3. Have a valid passport
  4. Be in possession of the necessary visa or work permit
  5. Posses a certificate proving completion of fundamental safety instruction
  6. Successfully complete a medical exam
  7. Successfully complete a check of your criminal history

How much do Royal Caribbean employees get paid?

The salaries offered by Royal Caribbean range from around $25,000 per year for the position of Operations Lead to $171,257 per year for the position of Co-director on average. The average hourly compensation for employees of the Royal Caribbean group ranges from around $7.25 per hour for the position of Runner to $75.00 per hour for the position of E-commerce Manager.

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