What Is A French Balcony On A River Cruise?

  • Because they need to be able to pass through locks, river cruise ships are often far more compact than their oceangoing counterparts.
  • This is especially true when contrasted to the size of oceangoing vessels.
  • Because a French balcony makes more efficient use of space, it enables you to take pleasure in a more spacious cabin.
  • On the rivers and canals of Europe, the weather is frequently too cool to enjoy sitting out on your balcony.

Do river cruise ships have French balconies?

As a result of river cruise ships undergoing enlargement and modernisation, several of these vessels now include a compact sitting area that is situated directly in front of the French balconies. However, this space is significantly smaller than the standard balcony in size.

What is the difference between a balcony and French balcony?

Balconies in French homes. You cannot walk out into a separate space from a French Balcony since there is a railing put just behind the glass, which prevents you from doing so without falling into the river below. Other than that, a French Balcony is identical in appearance and function to a standard balcony.

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