What Does Pineapples Mean On A Cruise?

The term ″pineapple″ refers to wife-swapping or swinging when you’re on a cruise, and it may also be used when you’re on land. If you notice a pineapple on the door of a stateroom on a cruise ship, it indicates that the individuals staying there are interested in interacting with other couples for ″adult pleasure.″

What does a pineapple mean on a cruise ship door?

If you notice a pineapple on a cruise ship door, either a regular pineapple or an upside-down pineapple, it indicates that the occupants in the cabin are eager in meeting other couples for ″adult pleasure.″ Swingers often utilize pineapples as a coded method of identifying themselves to other swingers in order to maintain their anonymity.

What does the upside-down pineapple mean on a cruise?

It is typical practice to utilize an upside-down pineapple as a secret code for swinging, a swinger party, or wife-swapping; nonetheless, you need not feel uneasy every time you see a pineapple when you are on a cruise vacation!

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