What Cruise Ships Sail Out Of Baltimore?

The Carnival Cruise Lines Pride and the Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas are examples of some of the larger cruise ships that set sail from the Port of Baltimore. Before the pandemic struck in 2010, it was planned that more than 90 cruises will leave from Baltimore on a year-round basis in 2020.

Cruises are available from the port of Baltimore, Maryland, provided by both Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Line. The Grandeur of the Seas, which is operated by Royal Caribbean, visits Bermuda, Canada, and New England in addition to the Caribbean, while the Carnival Pride, which is operated by Carnival, sails to the Bahamas in addition to the Caribbean destinations.

What cruise lines depart from Baltimore?

Which cruise lines make their departures from the port of Baltimore? Favored by a large number of cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Carnival Cruise Line, among others. What kinds of cruise vacations are available to me that depart from Baltimore?

Where can you sail from Baltimore?

The Chesapeake Bay and the Intracoastal Waterway are visited by passengers on cruises on smaller ships that depart from Baltimore. The port of Baltimore is a departure point for cruises offered by Carnival. The Bahamas and eastern Caribbean destinations are frequent stops for cruises on the Carnival Pride.

What is the smallest cruise ship sailing from Baltimore?

American Cruise Line is the carrier. American Cruise Line operates all of the smaller cruise ships that depart from Baltimore. These ships have capacity for around one hundred people and dock in the ports of smaller towns. Because these excursions adhere to relatively quiet inland rivers, you may expect a journey that is less bumpy than usual.

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Where can I cruise around the Chesapeake Bay?

From Baltimore, American Cruise Line sails on itineraries that take passengers across the Chesapeake Bay and along the Intracoastal Waterway. These smaller vessels are able to access ports and navigate shallower seas, both of which are off limits to larger cruise ships.

What Royal Caribbean ship sails out of Baltimore?


Sail Date Cruise Line Destination
128 reviews Oct 06, 2022 Enchantment of the Seas
128 reviews Oct 14, 2022 Enchantment of the Seas
128 reviews Oct 20, 2022 Enchantment of the Seas
128 reviews Oct 29, 2022 Enchantment of the Seas

Where do cruises out of Baltimore go to?

The majority of the time, cruises that depart from Baltimore head to fascinating places like the Transatlantic, the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Caribbean as a whole, and the Caribbean as an eastern region.

Is Royal Caribbean leaving Baltimore in 2023?

The Enchantment of the Seas will leave on the following dates in 2023: January 14, March 11, and for a 12-night Caribbean trip. Itinerary includes travel to St. Maarten, Antigua, St. Lucia, Barbados, and St. Kitts roundtrip from Baltimore. 2023 departure: April 8.

Is Carnival sailing out of Baltimore?

The following dates are scheduled for departure in 2022: April 10, April 24, June 5, July 3, and October 23. The following dates are set for departures in 2023: April 9, April 23, July 2, and October 22. voyage around the Bahamas for seven days aboard the Carnival Legend.

Is Royal Caribbean sailing out of Baltimore in 2021?

The cruise ship will remain docked in Baltimore throughout the entirety of 2022 and through March of 2023, providing guests with access to an extensive selection of cruises to The Bahamas and the Southern Caribbean. Additionally, beginning in the following year, guests will be able to book cruises to Bermuda.

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Does Princess sail out of Baltimore?

There are no upcoming cruises departing from Baltimore with Princess Cruises.

How long does it take to cruise from Baltimore to Bahamas?

The Grandeur of the Seas sails round-trip itineraries that are eight, nine, and ten days long while departing from Baltimore for the Bahamas with Royal Caribbean.

Is the Port of Baltimore open for cruises?

An executive order signed by Governor Larry Hogan in March directed that the cruise terminal at the Port of Baltimore stay closed in an effort to prevent the further spread of the Covid-19 virus. The Cruise Maryland Terminal is home port for both Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International, which means it’s open 365 days a year.

Where does Carnival sail from in Baltimore?

Cruise Maryland Offers Sailings Throughout the Entire Year. At the Cruise Maryland Terminal, which is conveniently located just off Interstate 95, both Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International provide cruises throughout the whole year. Direct departures to the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Caribbean, and New England and Canada are all possible for passengers departing from Baltimore.

Is Grandeur of the Seas leaving Baltimore?

It has been revealed that the cruise ship Grandeur of the Seas, which departs from the port of Baltimore, would be removed from the fleet operated by Royal Caribbean International.The cruise line stated in a press statement that the vessel would become part of Pullmantur Cruises in the spring of 2021 and that Enchantment of the Seas will take its position as the ship that sails out of Baltimore.

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Are cruise ships leaving Baltimore?

2022: Sails on August 14, August 28, September 11, September 25, and October 9 2023: Sails on August 27, September 24, and October 8 More

Where is Oasis of the Seas in 2023?

The Amplified Oasis of the Seas will begin sailing from Cape Liberty in 2023, offering 7-night itineraries to warm-weather locations that are favorites among passengers, such as Nassau and our special destination, Perfect Day at CocoCay. Your ideal day at the beach is now closer than it has ever been before thanks to the increased number of options available in the Northeast.

Are cruise lines operating now?

Cruise lines are currently operating according to their published itineraries, although numerous cruise lines have canceled sailings in response to unforeseen circumstances. Due to the effects of Covid-19, the following ships and sailings have been removed from the schedule for 2022.

Where is the Carnival Legend right now?

AIS indicated 5 days ago that the current position of CARNIVAL LEGEND was at the East Coast of the United States with coordinates of 36.62197 North and 75.63708 West.

Are Carnival cruises sailing yet?

Update 13: Carnival has made it official and declared that all of its activities in the United States would be halted beginning now and continuing through the entire month of May 2021. The earliest that cruises will depart again is going to be in June.

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