What Cruise Lines Depart From Jacksonville Fl?

Can You Tell Me Which Cruise Lines Depart From Jacksonville, Florida? Carnival Cruise Line and American Cruise Lines are the two companies that operate cruise ships that embark from the port of Jacksonville. The first is a massive vessel, whereas the second is composed of several smaller ships.

Which Cruise Line should you choose from Jacksonville Florida?

The large ship operated by Carnival Cruise Line departs from Jacksonville to embark on cruises to the Bahamas that last either 4 or 5 days. Camp Carnival and the WaterWorks water park are available for the guests’ children. Adults will enjoy the adults-only hideaway known as Serenity, as well as the Spa Carnival and live entertainment.

What are the best cruise ports to book in Florida?

Jacksonville, FL.The cruises that depart from Jacksonville provide the ideal combination of time spent on the beach and in the city.When you book a Carnival cruise from the picturesque port of Jacksonville, Florida, in the state of Florida, you get the best of both a laid-back beach town and a bustling city.The central business district of the largest city in the Sunshine State has been renovated and refurbished.

What cruises are going on in November in Florida?

The Princess Cays and Nassau trip aboard the Carnival ship departs on November 28.Thanksgiving voyages departing from Jacksonville in Florida.Beginning on December 3, American will depart on a 7-night trip through the Historic South and Golden Isles.The 5-day Princess Cays and Nassau cruise with Carnival departs on December 3.The Great Rivers of Florida trip aboard the American departs on December 4 and lasts for 7 nights.

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How many days is a cruise from Jacksonville to Nassau?

On the 31st of December, Carnival will be sailing to Princess Cays and Nassau for 5 days. Cruises departing from Jacksonville over the holiday season. Cruises departing from Jacksonville around the New Year.

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