How Much Does A River Cruise Cost?

River cruises that are offered for roughly $400 to $600 per person will take place in the early or late parts of the year, will use antique ships that do not have contemporary amenities or decoration, and may not be ideal for clients who have difficulty walking owing to the lack of lifts or short steps.

River boating often comes with a higher price tag than ocean cruise does. It is possible to spend as little as $900 per person on a cruise that lasts for seven days. A voyage on the river for seven days? You should budget at least $2,500 for each individual in your party.

How much does a river cruise to Europe cost?

The lowest-priced river cruises start at approximately $200 per person, per night, while the most luxurious excursions can cost as much as $500 per person, per night.Prices can range anywhere in between these two extremes.The normal length of a cruise excursion is between seven and 21 nights.Cruises down the Rhine or Danube that are seven nights long are the most cost-effective option.It is important to note that the costs for river cruises in France are the highest in all of Europe.

How much does it cost to go on a cruise?

If you are concerned about cost, your first port of call should be in Europe. Prices range from around $200 per person, per night for budget-friendly river cruises to $500 per person, per night for luxurious all-inclusive vacations on the water.

Are river cruises more expensive in the US?

Costs of River Cruises in the United States There is a possibility that a cruise done in America will cost more than a trip along the rivers of Europe; nevertheless, there are other benefits to take into consideration, such as the lack of foreign flights. The price structure of river cruises in the United States is comparable to that of river cruises in European countries.

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How much does a Nile river cruise cost in Egypt?

The costs of Nile River cruises are not inexpensive; they are about $500 per person, each night on average. However, they provide a varied selection of itineraries, including river cruises lasting three, four, or six nights, with as many as six nights spent in Cairo. Lake Nasser is also a destination for some of the lines.

What is the average cost of a Viking river cruise?

It’s possible that a river trip with Viking may set you back anything from $2,000 to $8,000 per person overall. These costs are for a vacation in Europe that lasts anything from eight to twenty-one days and includes a cruise.

How much does a Danube cruise cost?

A trip down the Danube for seven nights can set you back an average of $671 per person, each night during peak season. During the holiday market season, which runs from late November through December, that same flight costs $457. The cheapest accommodation category for Viking River Cruises costs $480, while the cheapest cabin category for Avalon Waterways is $308 per person.

Are river cruises more expensive than ocean cruises?

River cruises, on the whole, come with a heftier price tag than ocean excursions. Ocean cruises are sometimes greater value for your money.

How much does a Mississippi River cruise cost?

Mississippi River Cruises

Month Number of Cruises From Price
Aug 2022 27 cruises $2,399
Sep 2022 31 cruises $2,399
Oct 2022 31 cruises $2,499
Nov 2022 30 cruises $1,799

What is the most picturesque river cruise in Europe?

The following are the top 10 river cruises in Europe for the year 2020.

  1. Tulip Cruises. One of the most famous (and photogenic!) river excursions available to passengers is called the Tulip Time tour.
  2. Douro Cruises. The breathtaking Azure on the Douro
  3. Moselle Cruises.
  4. Main Cruises.
  5. Cruises through Christmas Markets
  6. Elbe Cruises.
  7. Danube Cruises.
  8. Rhine Cruises
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Are all meals included on Viking cruises?

Your cruise cost with Viking River Cruises includes not only all of your meals but also daily shore excursions, all port taxes, and a variety of other amenities. Viking River Cruises is perhaps the most well-known company that does river cruises.

Are Viking cruises expensive?

If you have ever been on a cruise before, you are probably aware that Viking cruises are. well, costly. Although prices differ widely depending on the route taken and the month of travel, you should budget several thousand dollars for your vacation. These prices may appear steep when compared to the rates of $500 to $600 that are offered by other cruise companies.

What is the average age on a Viking river cruise?

The cruises that we have taken with Viking have included passengers ranging in age from the middle of their 50s to the late 70s on average.

How much is a river cruise in Budapest?

Budapest River Cruises: from 9 Euros to 88 Euros Tickets for the Budapest river cruises range in price from 9 Euros for a Day Cruise boat ride that includes a welcome drink to 88 Euros for VIP river tours (e.g. the cruise-dinner-music-drink-fireworks Fireworks Budapest River Cruise on Aug 20).

Are river cruises worth the cost?

The vast majority of river cruises are not a good option for families or for those who like a significant amount of entertainment while they are on board. Although this is not always the case, the daily prices associated with these vacations are often greater than those associated with oceangoing cruises.

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Are river cruises rough?

You won’t experience any pain from the motion because river cruises go at a leisurely speed and have very little to no choppy water. Keep in mind that there are no ″inside″ rooms on this ship; all of the accommodations come with a view of the ocean. The castles that we were able to see while we were sailing were spectacular.

Are river boat cruises for old people?

River sailing is perfect for retirees and is becoming increasingly popular with the addition of new ships each year. The water is calm, the ships are modest (carrying typically no more than two hundred passengers at a time), and the majority of the beach excursions provide varying degrees of strenuousness in terms of how much walking is involved.

How long is boat ride from Memphis to New Orleans?

The American Duchess River Cruise is a 9-day excursion that travels from Memphis to New Orleans.

How much does it cost to ride on the Mississippi Queen?

Small Ship, Itineraries, Dates, Prices, and Deals Available for the Queen of the Mississippi River Cruises in 2022 and 2023.Sail across American history (formerly Queen of the Mississippi) From $2,290 per person The American Heritage, which was launched in 2015 and was originally known as the Queen of the Mississippi, is scheduled to undergo a comprehensive ship makeover in preparation for the cruise season in 2022.

How much does it cost to go on the Mississippi Queen?

Upper Mississippi River Cruises Price Comparisons

American Queen Steamboat Company American Cruise Lines
Per Diem
$259.50 per person $463.78 per person
What’s Included

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